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Seruni Audio MKS 14 Limited Edition

Seruni Audio MKS-14 Special Edition – the perfect microphone for all your recording needs.
Ideal for podcasts, radio production, voice-overs, and studio recordings, it features a high-quality microphone that captures crystal-clear and transparent sound. Its cardioid polar pattern blocks
out unwanted room noise, making it the go-to choice for exceptional audio quality

MKS-14 Special Edition is a microphone that offers a wide frequency response and high dynamic range, allowing it to deliver an articulate sound and capture all the nuances and dynamics of your performance. With the MKS-14 Special Edition, you can capture all the details of your voice and make it truly yours.


Saya telah menjadi penggemar Novation sejak awal tahun 2000-an ketika perusahaan merilis seri Nova analog virtual. Sampai hari ini, saya masih memiliki dan menyukai synth desktop Nova saya. Ketika…